Key Entertainment Group PRIVACY POLICY

This Privacy Policy applies to the Key Entertainment website, information as provided by Key Entertainment Group. and its subsidiaries. Within this privacy policy, the name “Key Entertainment Group” pertains to any and all websites hosted and/or operated by Key Entertainment Group., including co-branded, product and divisional websites.

The Key Entertainment Group .com website contains links to other sites. Once you enter another website, be aware that Key Entertainment Group .com is not responsible for the privacy practices of such other sites. We encourage you to look for and review the privacy statements of each and every website that you visit through a link on Key Entertainment Group .com. We hope that reading our Privacy Policy gives you a clear idea of how we manage information about you.

While you may use some of the functionality of Key Entertainment without registration, many of the specific tools and services on our website require registration. If you use our website without registering, the only information we collect will be Non-Personal Information through the use of Cookies or Web Beacons. If you choose to register with our website for certain services, we require you to submit Personally Identifiable Information. Depending on the tool or service you have selected. You are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the Personally Identifiable Information you submit to Key Entertainment Inaccurate information will affect the information you receive when using our site and tools and our ability to contact you as contemplated in this Privacy Policy. For example, your email address should be kept current because that it is how we communicate with you.

Even if you do not register with Key Entertainment, we collect Non-Personal Information about your use of our website, special promotions and newsletters.


A. Cookies
We collect Non-Personal Information about your use of our website and your use of the websites of selected sponsors and advertisers through the use of Cookies. Key Entertainment assigns every computer a different Cookie. The information collected by Cookies (i) helps us dynamically generate advertising and content on web pages or in newsletters, (ii) allows us to statistically monitor how many people are using our website and selected sponsors' and advertisers' sites, (iii) how many people open our emails, and (iv) for what purposes these actions are being taken. We may use Cookie information to target certain advertisements to your browser or to determine the popularity of certain content or advertisements. Cookies are also used to facilitate a user's log-in, as navigation aides and as session timers, but not to retain Personal Health Information about you. Cookies used by Key Entertainment are also used to restrict underage use of the tools.
Your browser software can be set to reject all Cookies. Most browsers offer instructions on how to reset the browser to reject Cookies in the "Help" section of the toolbar. If you reject our Cookies, certain of the functions and conveniences of our website may not work properly but you do not have to accept our Cookies in order to productively use our site. We do not link Non-Personal Information from Cookies to Personally Identifiable Information without your permission and do not use Cookies to collect or store Personal Health Information about you.

B. Web Beacons
We also may use Web Beacons to collect Non-Personal Information about your use of our website and the websites of selected sponsors and advertisers, and your use of special promotions or newsletters. The information collected by Web Beacons allows us to statistically monitor your usage of our websites.

Our Web Beacons are not used to track your activity outside of our websites. We do not link Non-Personal Information from Web Beacons to Personally Identifiable Information without your permission and do not use Web Beacons to collect or store Personal Health Information about you.


We collect Personally Identifiable Information that you provide to us when you register as a member of Key Entertainment and/or when you update your member profile. We use the Personally Identifiable Information that you provide to respond to your questions, provide you the specific services you select, send you emails about website maintenance and updates, and inform you of significant changes to this Privacy Policy.


A. Emails You Send to Key Entertainment
This Privacy Policy does not protect you when you send content, business information, ideas, concepts or inventions to Key Entertainment by email. If you want to keep content or business information, ideas, concepts or inventions private or proprietary, do not send them in an email to Key Entertainment We try to answer every email within 48 business hours, but are not always able to do so.

B. Website Registration and Interactive Tools on Key Entertainment
After you have registered as a member of Key Entertainment, you may choose to use certain interactive content, tools and services that may ask you to voluntarily provide other types of information about yourself.

C. Children
We are committed to protecting the privacy of children. We do not collect Personally Identifiable Information from any person we actually know is under the age of 13. A parent or guardian is solely responsible for providing supervision of the minor's use of Key Entertainment The parent or guardian assumes full responsibility for ensuring that the registration information is kept secure and that the information submitted is accurate. The parent or guardian also assumes full responsibility for the interpretation and use of any information or suggestions provided through Key Entertainment for the minor. Key Entertainment does not sell products for purchase by children. We sell children's products for purchase by adults. If you are under 18, you may use Key Entertainment only with the involvement of a parent or guardian.

D. Market Research
From time to time the Key Entertainment marketing department, or operations contractors acting on its behalf, may conduct online research surveys in order to gather feedback about our site through email invitations, pop-up surveys or online focus groups. When participating in a survey, we may ask you to submit Personally Identifiable Information. This Personally Identifiable Information is used for research purposes, and is not used for sales solicitations. When a third party sponsors a survey, Aggregate Information of the survey results is reported to the sponsor. Aggregate data does not contain any information that could be used to contact or identify you. Personally Identifiable Information collected through market research will only be used by Key Entertainment and its operations contractors and will not be given or sold to a third party without your consent.

Except as set forth in this Privacy Policy or as specifically agreed to by you, Key Entertainment will not disclose any Personally Identifiable or Personal Health Information it gathers from you on our website. We will only release Personally Identifiable Information to third parties: (1) to comply with valid legal requirements such as a law, regulation, search warrant, subpoena or court order; or (2) in special cases, such as a physical threat to you or others. In the event that we are legally compelled to disclose your Personally Identifiable Information to a third party, we will attempt to notify you unless doing so would violate the law or court order. In addition, we may disclose Personal Information as described below.


Key Entertainment operations and maintenance contractors sometimes have limited access to your Personally Identifiable Information in the course of providing products or services to Key Entertainment These contractors include vendors and suppliers that provide us with technology, services, and/or content related to better operation and maintenance of our website. Access to your Personally Identifiable Information by these contractors is limited to the information reasonably necessary for the contractor to perform its limited function for Key Entertainment We also contractually require that our operations and maintenance contractors:

  1. protect the privacy of your Personally Identifiable Information consistent with this Privacy Policy

  2. not use or disclose your Personally Identifiable Information for any purpose other than providing us with products and services

Listed below are some of the security procedures that Key Entertainment uses to protect your privacy:

  • Requires both a personal username and a password in order for users to access their Personally Identifiable Information.

  • Uses firewalls to protect information held in our servers.

  • Utilizes encryption in transmitting Personally Identifiable Information to our servers.

  • Closely monitors the limited number of Key Entertainment employees who have potential access to your Personally Identifiable Information.

  • Requires all Key Entertainment employees to abide by our Privacy Policy and be subject to disciplinary action if they violate it.

  • Backs-up our systems to protect the integrity of your Personally Identifiable and Personal Health Information.

  • Provides secure messaging within the Key Entertainment so that information related to your personal health is sent through a secure, encrypted connection.

  • All credit card transactions are processed through Verisign. Your information is encrypted via a “key” encryption and decoded, which allows them to process and authorize your information.

Despite Key Entertainment's efforts to protect your Personally Identifiable Information, there is always some risk that an unauthorized third party may find a way around our security systems or that transmissions of your information over the Internet will be intercepted.




A. Updating Your Personally Identifiable Information
Key Entertainment pages that collect and store self-reported data allow you to correct, update or review information you have submitted by going back to the specific page, logging-in and making the desired changes.


B. Removing your Personal Information
If you have a complaint or problem, including removing your information from our systems, please email us at info@Key Entertainment Our customer service department will forward your complaint to the appropriate internal Key Entertainment department for a response or resolution. We try to answer every email within 48 business hours, but may not always able to do so. If you do not receive adequate resolution of a privacy related problem, you may email to Key Entertainment at:

administrator@Key Entertainment

C. Limitations on Removing or Changing Information
Upon your request, we will delete your Personally Identifiable or Personal Health Information from our active databases and where feasible from our back-up media. You should be aware that it is not technologically possible to remove each and every record of the information you have provided to Key Entertainment from our servers.


Key Entertainment retains the right to update this privacy policy at its general discretion according to the needs of the business, its consumers or in accordance with the mandates of federal and state law.