Corporate Policy & Terms - Service / Product Ordering - Return - Exchange - Refund - Delivery

Corporate Policy & Terms -Terms of use and services and products for Key Entertainment Group Inc refers to all terms and agreements as found on this website and all Key Entertainment Group websites, services and companies; both collectively and individually.

Services / Products General- All services and products offered by Key Entertainment Group or its subsidiaries are warranted or guaranteed as so represented on each individual website and or company offering said service or product. All Services and Products are covered under a general warrant of service by Key Entertainment Group Inc. Key Entertainment Inc warrants all service and products to be provided or delivered by the subsidiary company or by Key Entertainment Group as agreed when ordered or a refund will be made pursuant to the stated refund policy of or the general refund policy of Key Entertainment Group.

Returns, Exchanges & Refunds - All returns, exchanges and refund policies are clearly stated on the subsidiary website or in the subsidiary contract and or agreement to purchase and provide such service or product. All services and products are warranted to as being provided as ordered. We do not warranty end use by the customer. Returns, exchanges and refunds will be made in the manner and to the individual, group or company as so stated in the terms of use and ordering as found on the individual company website or in the contract to provide such services and or products.

Further, the general terms of returns, exchanges and returns is in full effect as to warranty by Key Entertainment Group as to ordering of services and products.

All terms of service and product ordering is found on each individual website (subsidiary of Key Entertainment Group) or within the contact by and between the subsidiary or assignee of Key Entertainment Group or the parent company therein, Key Entertainment Group Inc.

To address any issue that is not satisfied at the subsidiary level customers are required to submit an email stating their name, address, order number, service ordered, date of order, and any attempt to resolve the matter along with the issue presented to

Further Terms of US and Service

Further Terms of use and service are found under LegalPrivacy Code of Conduct and Anti Spam and within all other companies and websites under the Key Entertainment Group of Partner Companies.