Key Entertainment Group Inc Corporate

Key Entertainment Group was established in 2001 by the reformation of  its technology company from 1998 to 2000 for the Entertainment Industry, building the technology of custom applications, entertainment specific programs and programming and digital media services across all web internet and intranet platforms.

Key Entertainment Group builds and develops the technology behind the scenes for the entertainment Industry.  Developing on it's own and partnering with major and independent companies the technology and programming driving the industry.

Key Entertainment holds or licenses over 100 patents for the technology industry making it the leader in developing and licensing technologies in its field.

In 2011 Key Entertainment Group became a holding company and is launching several joint ventures with both the Music and Entertainment Industry to include private or solely owned ventures in the Music and Entertainment Industry.

Key Entertainment Group Inc current areas of individual and partner services are Film, Video, TV, Music, Entertainment, Casting, Modeling, Publishing, Production, Distribution, Marketing and Financing.

In early 2011 Key Entertainment Group is launch "Toozit" the first and only service of its kind. Covered under 3 US and international patents. The problem, artists cannot submit themselves or their music directly to music industry companies. Record Labels and other music and entertainment industry companies do not accept direct submissions. In 2011 Key Entertainment Group became registered with the United States Securities Exchange Commission SEC CIK#: 0001527238 .

In 2012 Key Entertainment Group started an initiative to branch out to assist other companies and individuals by becoming a Registered Lobbying Firm with the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate.

Senate Registrant ID: 400934703
House ID for this Client is: 420480000

Key Entertainment Group is ever expanding it sphere of operation to go outside its original core service and branch out to keep times with the ever changing needs of our clients and our company.